I began having headaches on a regular basis. I thought I may need glasses, so I got some. The headaches continued and even intensified to the point that I was experiencing them between 5 and 6 days per week. They began to be stronger and stronger as time went on so I went to my general practitioner. From there I was sent to a Neurologist as a precautionary measure. He determined that I was suffering from Migraines. I was placed on two medicines, one for the headaches and one for depression (which supposedly is better for migraines than depression. I began to gain weight (side effect) so I went back and received a different antidepressant. My headaches lessened in severity for a period of time, but returned with a vengeance.

An associate from work recommended that I see Dr. Bradford, because she had and has not suffered from a migraine in six years. I went ahead and made my appointment to see Dr. Bradford. After a month of treatment, my migraines had almost totally disappeared. After my second month I can honestly say I have had no migraines, have gotten off from the antidepressants and pain medication, and I must add that I am sleeping better than ever.

Seeing Dr. Bradford was absolutely the best decision I could have ever made. I still have a little tension in my shoulders now and then, return to see Dr. Bradford, and I could not be happier or feel better than I do now.

- Luz

A vice closing around your head; one or both eyes feeling pressure from behind; a heightened sense of smell (of a not too nice fragrance—my “aura”  was the perceived scent of cigarette smoke even though there was no one smoking) and all at unpredictable times.  If you are a migraine sufferer, you can relate.  As a mother of 3, an RN, and office manager the absolute fear of a crippling headache was beyond dreaded.  And when you’ve suffered (and your family has suffered, too) for 25 years of headaches, it doesn’t seem as if there is any hope for healing.  Medications were no longer giving the relief they had been and staying on medication for life was not something to look forward to as all medications can have adverse effects.  Denying some foods to help prevent a migraine proved futile after a period of time.

When all a migraine headache sufferer wants is to lie still and hope medication helps, one cannot do that successfully with the responsibilities of work and parenting…and life.  One particularly gruesome headache reared its ugly head while I was at work.  It was in that setting I met Dr. Bert.  I’d known of him as he shared office space in our building.  Although skeptical about chiropractic after hearing “stories”, I would soon learn those stories can be unjust.  Dr. Bert saw me in the hallway and, by the look on my face, this sensitive, confident man asked if I would come to see him to try chiropractic care which might help alleviate or, at the very least, lessen my headache.  Reluctance was my first response.  After all, I’d been brought up in a world of Western medicine where only Medical Doctors can treat a person!  I’d soon be convinced that the synergy of more holistic medicine and Western medicine can work in harmony.

And “crack my back”?  The last thing I wanted was more pain.  Dr. Bert’s confidence and reassurance provided the pathway for acceptance and a willingness to try chiropractic medicine.  With regular visits—about 2 a week for 6 weeks—I began to feel differently.  For one, the tension I’d carried in my shoulders and neck were gone.  I mean GONE.  And headaches?  I had one more headache, albeit milder than any of the past years, during the treatment, also involving warm compresses and painless nerve stimulation in the shoulder area.  Dr. Bert explained every step of the treatment process thereby reducing any fear or apprehension.

That was 6 years ago. Since that first meeting and completion of treatment some weeks later,  I have been 100% migraine headache free.  SIX YEARS!  A miracle?  Not at all.  In the skilled hands of Dr. Bert, I have achieved unsurpassed  relief after 25 years of agonizing pain and debilitation due to those headaches.  I tell others who may also be skeptical to give Dr. Bert the chance to offer his specialized, individualized treatment so that they, too, might be migraine headache free.  Sure, life still throws some punches and every once in a while a mild, tension headache can pop up but a bit of stretching, a warm compress and perhaps a mild over-the-counter pain medication—like acetaminophen is effective.  Dr. Bert acknowledged my pain, developed a specific plan of care, delivered that care with knowledge and confidence, and gained a fervent follower.  The success of Chiropractic medicine, like Western medicine, depends on the willingness of the patient to follow the doctor’s advice.  It also depends on the quality of the provider and in Dr. Bert, there is quality…and caring…beyond the norm. Any regrets?  Yes…that I didn’t have Dr. Bert earlier in my life to restore a quality of life I’d been denied for so long.

- Donna Flickinger  R.N.

For over six years I had experienced severe pain in my right knee that eventually spread to my hip and ankle.  At times, I felt shooting pain so intense I would literally cry.  I had consultations with several specialists including two orthopedics, a neurologist, two other chiropractors, and a rheumatologist.  I also had scans of my leg, my brain, and my spine throughout those years; all showing nothing wrong.  I was put on various medications that worked temporarily but I would only need more to last me the duration of my life.  There was seemingly no answer.

During this time, my mother had Carpel Tunnel surgery and began seeing Dr. Bradford because she still felt the pain she had prior to surgery.  After going for a short time, her discomfort disappeared. She became insistent that I see Dr. Bradford and promised me he could do the same for my leg.

In less than a month I felt an incredible difference in my knee, hip, and ankle.  I was in shock to say the least.  Over six years of specialists with no result and in just four sessions with Dr. Bradford, I felt just about healed.  It’s been a little under a year now and my pain returns slightly when I do strenuous exercise but nothing that an appointment with Dr. Bradford can’t fix.  Best decision of my life for this problem. Period.   

- Amanda

I want to thank you so much for your healing magical powers. I suffered from plantar fascitiis for 5 years with chronic horrible pain,a crippling gait and ineffective treatment from 3 (three) Baltimore podiatrists, including one from Johns Hopkin's Hospital.  Then my hair stylist told me about you, "the amazing Dr. Bert"!  I felt a difference after my very first appointment--and the chronic pain was gone after your second treatment!  Unbelievable!  And Dr. Bert, my continued treatment after my 2nd total knee replacement surgery made a better recovery than my first total knee replacement.  Thank you for giving me quality of life back!  You are a healer and make the world a better place for so many people!  God Bless you.

- Candy W.

I came to Dr. Bradford with an injured shoulder.  The orthopedic surgeon told me that I had a " total rupture of the rotator cuff, " that would require surgery if I were ever to have full mobility in my arm.  Dr. Bradford treated my shoulder with the laser and manipulation.  The result is that I have full use and mobility in my shoulder and arm without surgery.  I am hoisting my grandson in the air with both arms, which is a priceless gift!

- Jane

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